Protect The Brain Campaign is proud to join community efforts to make a difference in the world of brain health, brain injury, and brain recovery. 

Objective data is paramount to our mission and protecting the brains of today's youth is our goal. PTB scanning events will be held throughout Southern California and various cities across the U.S. to provide EEG brain scans to the community.

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Establishing an EEG brain health history portfolio is beneficial for brain health management and healthy aging proactive practices. For athletes and active-duty members, it is vital to establish a normalized baseline EEG to be used as a comparison tool after a concussive incident. More research is needed surrounding the brain, and the more data collected, the better we can recognize and understand what is going on in the brain.


What you can expect

  • Scan typically takes about 20 minutes to complete

  • Includes an FDA approved EEG scan

  • Painless and non-invasive process—no needles or x-ray exposure

  • P300, F3/F4 Alpha Power, and Theta/Beta at Cz results available at scan session

  • Provided EEG report and supporting documents to help understand scan results

  • If results are abnormal, take your scan results to your doctor for follow-up 

  • To request our EEG consult with your doctor, please contact us




There are no current PTB scan events scheduled. 


PTB is accepting pre-registration interest forms to be notified when a scan event is available in your area. We will contact you when there is an event scheduled, just fill out the information below: 


Build a PTB campaign fundraising page complete with your personal story and pictures representing your reason to #ProtectTheBrain.


Once your goal is met, you will receive all the details needed to coordinate with PTB leadership and organize your scan event.



For more information on scan eventspartnerships, sponsorship opportunities, research collaboration, or EEG equipment purchase, or any other questions, please contact