Providing an objective measure of brain activity to make more informed and accurate decisions in brain health management practices.


Often left in the dark regarding identifying brain trauma, signs of memory loss and cognitive decline, and mental disorders, common symptomatic assessments are incomplete indicators of brain function and can lead to a limited and potentially inaccurate diagnosis of brain state. 

Protect the Brain Campaign gives life to EEG technology, providing the objective measure of brain activity to aid in making more informed and accurate decisions regarding the brain. PTB introduces EEG scans that provide objective data needed to better understand brain health. 



Our mission is to advance the field of brain health through education and awareness of EEG brain scans to complement brain health, brain wellness, and mental health management practices. Recognizing the importance of preventative health, early and routine brain scans can provide a personalized health history that leads to a better understanding of brain health necessary for healthy living.


The vision of the Protect the Brain Campaign is that EEG brain scans will be recognized as a necessary measuring tool when managing personal brain health, which will lead to mandatory brain health assessments that include EEG scans as common practice in physicals, allowing physicians to better understand brain health and make decisions necessary for the preventative health and wellness of their patients. 

7300 SOS

Scan Our Soldiers. Save Our Soldiers

This year, 7,300 veterans or active duty military service members will take their own lives. 7300 SOS is a campaign to raise funds to provide 7,300 veterans and active-duty soldiers to receive EEG brain scans to gather mental health data needed in providing help for PTSD and suicide among our military personnel.  



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Register for an EEG scan at one of our local community scanning events. Scans are free to the public and available for anyone ages 8 years and older.


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